How To Use The Garage

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In order for the garage to be functional, all materials must first be arranged in an orderly fashion and ready for use at the right time. Let's start with a wall on which we apply a panel of white lacquered chipboard with many holes, in which you insert special hooks that allow you to place in progressive order a series of screwdrivers, pliers and other work tools.

Below the latter, it is ideal to install a table with a top covered with a rubber sheath for working with wood and metals; in a corner of the table, a bench vice is important for cutting pieces of wood and ferrous materials. A metal or wooden cabinet is useful for storing paint cans, lubricating oils, deoxidizing powders and welding equipment. In a corner of the garage it is better to place a medium capacity compressor, very useful for inflating tyres, painting products with spray paint or simply using it as compressed air to clean objects.

How To Insulate The Garage

The insulation of the garage and garage door is useful and necessary to maintain a constant internal temperature and protect the environment from external noise.

Here's how to proceed:
Start by delimiting the area to be insulated with the appropriate strips, which you will find in the professional kit (Read more). Gently unroll the insulating fabric and cut it to size. To help you and to do a precise job, use a well-sharpened cutter.

Create the support frame for the insulation panel. Simply cut three strips of wood to size and fasten them to the top and sides of the door with flat-headed nails. Place the panel in place, making it perfectly match the frame previously mounted. then fix it permanently with a nail gun. To close any remaining spaces and gaps, apply a sealant with a nozzle.

Remove the excess product with a cloth soaked in lukewarm water. If you want to hide the insulating surface, we recommend covering it with an additional panel. Take care to choose a lightweight material, such as plasterboard. This will prevent the garage door from becoming too heavy. To fix the additional panel, simply use iron screws, which you will insert into the structure at a regular distance (should be sufficient 10 cm). Remove the excess coating with a hacksaw and carefully sand the edge.